Sargo Shop

Alice and Toren are saving up for their trip by making and selling some plastic replacement products. They are pretty enthusiastic about their little business! If you haven’t already read their recent blog posts take a read here Alice’s post and Toren’s post.


Alice’s Bees Wax Food Wraps

Ditch the plastic wrap!

Medium about 8” square $4 each

Large about 10” square $5 each

Small Sandwich / Snack bag about 6” x 7” $8 each

Large Sandwich bag 8” x 9” $10 each

…..more info here


Toren’s Utensil packs

Bring your own silverware to avoid using plastic! Add your own utensils and leave this in your purse, lunch box, or car.

One canvas pack about 8" x 3.5” $15 each

Fits most fork, knife, spoon, straw, chopstick sets!

…..more info here


This is a pretty low-tech, kid run operation so please be patient with us!

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