The trifecta

44°02'36"N 68°52'05"W

45°58'32"N 83°50'42"W

26°35'11"N 76°59'45"W

The story of the Trifecta in some ways is the true start of our family story.  Bjorn and I met at Bowdoin college, where he lured me onto the sailing team.  We quickly realized that we both grew up on islands and in and around boats.  Between the two of us we had three extra special islands that captured our hearts and imaginations: Greens Island, Maine, Drummond Island, Michigan and Man-O-War Cay, Bahamas.  By our extremely scientific calculations we are convinced that the only people who have been to all three of these islands in the history of humanity must be known friends.  We have even kept a list of those who have completed our Trifecta. If you can dispute this claim we would love to hear from you!

Each of these special locations have amazing lighthouses - from which we drew inspiration for our Sailing Sargo logo!  We have been super lucky to share these special spots with our family and friends with many of these collective gatherings being among the best moments of our lives so far.  Sailing Sargo has certainly been born out of the beginnings our parents and grandparents started for us by bringing us to these islands and letting us "be bored" and loosely supervised as only island life can provide. One of our hopes for Sailing Sargo is to give our kids these island experiences as well!  I'll finish this post with three photos of Alice - having completed the Trifecta before turning 1 year old! That HAS to be a record.