Thanks to everyone's curiosity we've been fielding lots of questions lately.  Below is a list of common questions and also a way to submit your own questions!  So if you have a question- submit it here!  Ask away and we'll try to be as honest and open as we can.  We would love to get questions from kids directed to our kids!

What about the kids and school?

We will "boat school" the kids.  I've got some research still to do on this topic - which is a good winter project.  But my basic thought at this time is to follow the Common Core curriculum for Math and Writing - while letting the learning opportunities come more organically for things like science, history, languages, and reading.  Sailing is never ending problem solving - so they are old enough to really start to get involved in that process with us.  We'll definitely get them involved as best we can in things like cooking, navigating, researching new destinations, and boat maintenance.  I hope they will write blog posts and respond to questions from other kids.  I'd like to keep them connected with classmates in Maine so I'll be looking for ways to collaborate with our local Maine school. ~Jayme

How long are you going for & where are you going?

We don't really know honestly.  In my mind, I've committed to three years - but moving everyone onto a boat is going to be a MAJOR life-style change and I'm not 100% sure how we'll all do with that.  Of course there is also the money aspect of things to consider.  If we spend less money, we can do this longer and also if we find ways to earn some income along the way.  How long and where are obviously related. We know that we'll leave Maine in early fall and plan on being in Annapolis area for the boat show.  Then we'll continue south toward Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean for the winter.  After that things get more murky. We are currently thinking of crossing the Atlantic to the Mediterranean but not sure if that will happen our first year out.  We've also hatched crazy schemes like sailing all the way to New Zealand where Bjorn could work for a while as a veterinarian.  Time will tell I suppose! ~Jayme

Will you bring crew to cross the ocean? Doesn't someone need to be awake at all times?

Most of our sailing will be coastal in the beginning, but we do have plans for doing longer ocean passages.  In those situations, yes we would like to bring an additional adult or two on board - especially for the first few passages.  It's definitely possible to do long passages with two people.  But with the kids, it would be nice to have another set of hands.   Luckily we already have friends and family who are very interested in helping out.  In most cases someone should be awake at all times when we are sailing (not when we are at anchor).  We will take "watches" which means rotating hours of responsibility - so for example 3 hours "on" three hours "off."  More people in the rotation means you get more rest in between your watches. 

Will you always be on the boat? How do you get food, water, etc? Basically - what's this look like day-to-day?

This lifestyle is somewhat similar to traveling in a large RV towing a small car - except that our home can only move on water.  We'll sail from place to place, and when we arrive at a place we really like we'll stay a while.  Sargo will be our home, and we have a rigid inflatable dinghy (small boat with a motor on it) that will be our car.  We can use the dinghy to go into town to buy food, go out for dinner, explore a new city or deserted beach.  Sargo has a 200 gallon water tank - and we are in the process of adding a water maker (takes sea water and turns it into drinking water) - so we'll be able to either fill-up with water at a marina, or make our own water.  Most of the time we will be close to food stores, but sometimes - for example - if we sail to the Mediterrean we'll have to stock up ahead of time and make sure we have enough food aboard for the trip.  It's kinda like packing for a long backpacking trip but we have lots more room and don't have to carry it all on our backs. Sargo has a small refrigerator and freezer - not much bigger than a dorm-sized fridge.  So that will be a challenge for a family of four.