Tree of Life

Do you want to know more about the Lignum vitae? If you do read this book. Some of the information in this book contains…What the Lignum vitae looks like, what do they need to grow,and where they live. You should keep reading to find out more about the Lignum vitae.


What does the Lignum vitae look like? The Lignum vitae has purple flowers. And oval  shaped leaves. The bark of the Lignum vitae is tan.

What does the Lignum vitae need to grow? The Lignum vitae can grow in wet or dry soil. They can grow in the sun or shade.

The Lignum vitae has really hard wood.  It’s one of the hardest in the world! Because of this the Lignum vitae grows super slowly. The wood is so dense it doesn't even float in salt water.

Where does the Lignum vitae live? The Lignum vitae is native to most of the Caribbean. It is also the national tree of the Bahamas.

Is the Lignum vitae endangered? “Yes” the world conservation union listed the Lignum vitae as endangered. Because of over harvesting.

Why is the Lignum vitae called the tree of life? The Lignum vitae got the nickname tree of life because it was used as a remedy for conditions like arthritis, coughs, and syphilis.

Did you learn something new about the Lignum vitae? Like why the Lignum vitae is called the tree of life. Or that it doesn't float. Or maybe you learned that the Lignum vitae is endangered because of over harvesting. “I know I did” and I hope you learned something to.

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