Our boat isn't plastic - help us minimize plastic usage!

Sargo is fully recyclable!  Well sort of - she is made from marine-grade aluminum - that's a lot of returnables!  Planning this ocean voyage has made us all that more aware about our plastic usage, and especially single-use plastics.  Have you seen the images recently of the plastic mess on the beautiful beaches in the Caribbean?  Just google it.  This is a huge problem and I certainty don't have the answers.  Below are a few small things that we are trying.  Please comment below on what works for you - I'm seeking ideas and suggestions. I'll do an updated post with everyone's ideas!

1. Reduced use of plastic wrap and plastic bags in the kitchen.  We've been using these plastic free wax coated wraps- we like them - more on those HERE

2. Stainless steel straws instead of single-use plastic straws or the paper kind that just plain feels weird in your mouth - more musings on straws HERE

3. Shampoo Bars - no plastic container to throw away.  Liquid shampoo is mostly water - add your own water to the shampoo bar - you are in the shower right? I've been loving the Lush shampoo bars.

4. Reduced use of microfibers. I live in microfiber - 95% of my clothes when I do laundry is athletic wear - which unfortunately is full of plastic.  It was pointed out to me recently that when we wash our clothes - some plastic gets introduced into the waste stream.  This is especially true if you're hand washing clothes/fabrics on a boat since the waste water isn't being treated.   I won't be giving up my athletic wear - but I'll be trying to make up for that a bit with using 100% cotton turkish towels and bedding.  I don't have any specific products to recommend at this time - as I'm still trying to decide myself.

Some other ideas I'm thinking of - but haven't executed yet or found the right product for include:  using an old fashion safety razor instead of disposable razor/razor-blades and reusable ziplock bags. Please share your ideas with me - I need help!