Toren's Amazing Animals

I wanted to write about animals because I think that they are really cool and I just really like them. The animals that I am writing about some are my favorite animals and others I like because they are fascinating creatures . I am going to be writing a blog post about these animals and I am going to start by making a list of these animals.

1. The first animal that I really want to see is a whale. I like these giants because they are so big and either peaceful or playful. Update: When we went through the Stellwagen Bank we saw over 20 whales! Check out the video below of me watching whales.

2. One of my favorite animals is the Tasmanian Devil. I don’t think I will ever get to see one but I hope I get to someday. Tasmanian devils live in Tasmania, an island off the shore of Australia near New Zealand.

3. Another animal I want to see is a Pelican. I really want to see one of them eat a bunch of fish in one huge bite. I am likely to see one in Florida.

4. Next up is the Wolverine. I like them because they are small but really tough. It would be really cool to be able to see one someday and thinking that I am really lucky to see one. They live in Alaska and I might see one at Glacier Bay National Park.

5. Last but not least I would like to see an Ocean Sunfish. I think that they are all really big and funny looking. I have actually seen a couple jump out of the water and disappear. I saw a lot in Wellfleet Cape Cod Massachusetts. Below is a photo of a close encounter with an Ocean Sunfish!

I have many more animals that I would want to see but it would take a very long time to tell you. The animals I listed aren’t my favorite animals but their just some animals that I like. I wanted to write about these animals because we might see them on our sailboat and even if we don’t I will still want to see them. One reason that I like living on a boat is that I can see a lot more animals than when I’m running around in Rockport. Stay tuned for my next blog, I’m thinking about making my next blog about some of my favorite knots.

The end

Toren and an Ocean Sunfish - also known as a Mola Mola

Toren and an Ocean Sunfish - also known as a Mola Mola

Here are a few more photos my mom added of other animal encounters! Follow our Instagram to see lots more of our photos and adventures @SailingSargo!