Saying Good-bye to Maine

Our transit through the Cape Cod canal was a passage from our old life in Maine to new waters and new adventures. We have felt very blessed in the past 12+ months during our press to get ready to leave for this voyage. We’ve had the support of so many of our friends and family which has made outfitting Sargo easier for us than for most people. Maine is a small place and we were often only one degree of separation away from an expert that was willing to lend us a little help. On our way down the coast, we were able to secure a strong storm mooring for Sargo during Hurricane Dorian. [Thank you John Karp, and Falls Point Marine]. While on the North side of Cape Cod we got hooked up with a mooring in Wellfleet which enabled us to leave Sargo safe and secure for a visit to Bjorn’s cousin and his organic farm. Passing through the Cape Cod Canal has meant leaving our many friends and connections behind. While bitter sweet are are excited to be in new waters. Check out this short video of our canal transit below! And don’t forget to follow our Instagram @sailingsargo - as we try to update it daily!

Here are some recent Instagram highlights that include: Block Island adventures, bucket laundry, beach playground antics, sunsets and sailing!